Monday, 10 January 2011


For the YMCA exhibition I recently posted about constructing a piece of work using flowers.  After doing some research, and through being forwarded some really interesting information by Alice Flight, who is the other lead artist showing.  The information related to under-represented nations whithin the Olympic Games, and that they do infact compete.

I have continued with this project, and developed a new direction for the work I will be exhibiting.  Throughout all the Olympic Games posters have been submitted and subsequently awarded gold, silver and bronze for their artwork, with the gold medalists work being adopted as the official olympic poster.

I intend on showing an 8 page publication, featuring edited posters, hacked olympic imagery, and re-adaptations of famous olympic texts and quotes.

A limited run of 100 copies of the publication will be available to take away on the opening night at the Chelsea Old Town Hall on February 5th 2011.

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