Wednesday, 15 June 2011

We Did This & Islington Exhibits Crowdfunding Post 66*

Tomorrow evening I am holding another Joe Orton inspired workshop for an event to kick off the crowdfunding bid for Rowan Arts through the group We Did This.

The workshop will be taking place at The Idea Generation Gallery from around 6 O'clock, and will feature me collaborating with visitors to the event. The night is all held to seek funding for the Rowan Arts and Islington Exhibits residency programme which I am currently undertaking (more details on the residency are available on previous posts)

From the night anyone can donate money to the project, and in return they will receive artist gifts and experiences.

If you donate £10.00 you can enjoy a drink with the Islington Exhibits artists group, for £30.00 you will receive a one off book collage by me, and for £100.00 you will receive a one off paper and fabric wall hanging also made by me!

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Altered Record Sleeves Post 65*

After yesterdays talk of changing record sleeves, I have scoured through Google images to see what I can dig up on existing record sleeves. I remember seeing an article last year in The Wire showing the tip top of altered record sleeves, but I have compiled my own little catalogue.

I found the majority of these here which features tons of found and intentionally altered bits of record sleeve art! This Tumblr powered site where users constantly update the site with new bits of record sleeve artwork.

I have also read about a book from 1996 called Discographisme Récréatif [Homemade Record Sleeves] which features unique record sleeves found in flea markets, some of the below images are cut from their site.

Monday, 13 June 2011

The Cally Festival Post 64*

So after holding a workshop table for the Mayton Street Festival with Rowan Arts and The Holloway Neighbourhood Group, I got talking to the market manager of The Cally Festival on the 3rd July.

Anya mentioned she was looking for some artists workshops and of course I said I would do it!

I am thinking of working on something similar to the workshops I produced for Mayton Street, but think those workshops should be kept for Holloway only, as the Joe Orton project doesn't make as much sense down Caledonian Road...

Instead I intend on making some one-off vinyl record sleeves, influenced by the collage aspects of my previous workshops. I was looking through my record collection and was struck by a record I bought ashamedly more for the sleeve (I do like Elvis Costello mind) than the record it contains, but this is surely part of the attraction of vinyl; the imagery seems to marry to the music so well...


Sleeve art of Elvis Costello & The Attractions, Armed Forces

I may even take along my record player and listen to the record while I alter its cover to get some ideas going.

I will also be making some unique sketchbook and writing book covers, building up images and making plain textbooks slightly more intriguing to look at.


Both the record sleeves and textbooks will be on show during the 3rd July, but more importantly they will all be for sale, with all proceeds going to a local charity!

More Details on The Cally Festival can be seen here

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Mayton Street Festival Book Collage Post 63*

Heres some images from a workshop I held at the Mayton Street Festival, which is part of the 10 day long Holloway Arts Festival in North London.

We had a great day, meeting lots of really interesting familes and Holloway locals and other visitors to the festival. It was a slow start but by the end of the day we had some really great groups making some really unique altered publications.

I will be posting images of the publications made today as soon as I have the images!

All of the publications will be one show towards the end of July as part of Islington Exhibits, all details are below:

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Altered Books and paper workshop with Rowan Arts Post *62

Here's some images from last weeks altered books workshop at The Old Fire Station Holloway!

Despite the low numbers I am very happy with the results so far, I am sure the more of people I can get having a go at these workshops the more collaged jems we can add to Holloways first altered book library.

I have been informed John Lahr, who wrote Prick Up Your Ears: the Biography of Joe Orton is going to be at a Rowan Arts-related event soon so may even be able to get a book collages by him!

More workshop images and new book editions for the library to follow soon.