Thursday, 24 February 2011


Today is one of those days where I don't feel like summer is all too far away.
Being up at six and it being dingy outside is horrible for anyone in the rat race,so the light morning today prompted me to check when summer begins.
On March 27th the British summer begins, and with the the nationwide hobby of talking about weather and seasonal change, I thought this could be a fun date to commemorate.
I am unsure of what the weather will be like at this time of year,but I want to throw a very British summer party. I have also been thinking of items and ideas I can have at the party.
So far I am thinking along the lines of printed tea cups,and a set of one off printed paper or embroided cotton napkins. Ideas and images to follow!

Georges-Pierre Seurat's "Sunday on La Grande Jatte".

Thursday, 17 February 2011


Continuing my handmade stamps project I made this Happy Birfday stamp. This particular one will be used on to make up some bespoke wrapping paper, and for a birthday card for my Dads  birthday tomorrow.

I'm sure he will be correcting me on my lazy spelling used in the print!

The material I'm using for the stamps facade is a soft-carve lino picked up from a local graphic centre. I am looking into more print friendly materials, but love the way this linoleum responds to the cutting tools I'm using.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011


I was just having a flick through my blog roll, and realised I have left out the images of my recent publication FASTERSWIFTERHIGHERSTRONGERBRAVER.

Appropriating its title from the original Olympic motto publication was made as a response and reinterpretation of a selection of archive Olympic imagery, ideas and quotes. This piece was made in association with the NICOLA festival to commemorate the 2012 Olympics, and was shown on the 5th February 2011.


This image is a selection of four logos submitted to an independant record label housed in The Fishmarket Gallery Northampton. The brief was very open, with few specifics apart from it being a record label, and the logo needing to be placed onto packaging. 

I decided upon three simple two-colour logos, with the fourth logo more illustrative. The logos were all created using Inkscape, and were put together as scalable vectors. Using vectors means these images can be adapetd and enlarged while staying very high quality regardless of their application.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011


Putting together my own low cost custom stamps is a new mini craft project I have been trying out. Above is my most recent creation, the MOUSTACHE STAMP! I will be continuing to make these fun little stamps, and then putting together some A1 sheets of hand printed wrapping paper. The papers' pattern will be a repeated stamped pattern (as seen above)
I have also been thinking of other applications of the stamps made, maybe for some slightly more infantile add-ons to the newspaper...

 If you want to purchase any wrapping paper just follow this link to buy by the metre:

Prices Per Metre

Friday, 11 February 2011


I have been thinking about this arts and crafts venture quite a lot this week. so to start myself off making some housewares and personalised items to make and sell I have been looking into glass etching, and want to hand print and bind some limited edition notebooks and sketchbooks.

I had a look into the process, and am going to get myself some glass etching acid, and for some one off hand drawn illustrations I have ordered a dremel multi tool to sketch onto bottles and glass items. I did a little bit of searching for etched glass bottles, and came across the image above. The image is from the amazing site

I'm a big fan of the bottle on the right especially, and although these are laser etched I think I will be able to achieve something similar by hand, I am also going to try and set up a pay pal link on here, so items can be ordered, and personalised commissions suggested by clients.  

When I have put a few of these items finished, I also want to approach some micro-breweries, and home brewers to see if we could collaborate with a home brewed beer teamed up with my home etched bottles!

Monday, 7 February 2011


This salt and pepper pot set is from a pottery evening me and some friends went to in hampstead. I enjoyed doing it so much me and Jodie Gardner are thinking of selling other hand painted and printed items at local craft markets in London to see how they sell. Watch this space...
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