Thursday, 18 August 2011

Romani pattern design for new work Post 74*

I have been thinking more about the new piece of work I want to make (see previous posts for more info), and have been designing motifs and drawings to add to the surface of the fabric / paper sculpture.

I want the motifs to be simple, line paintings in a lucid colour - maybe pink or orange. The motifs will use imagery from Romani culture - Cart wheels, horse shoes, plants, cast iron kettles. I want the motifs to accompany the naturalistic colours and imagery I will be creating the collage from, but to also add a striking contrast and depth to the work - In another sense I suppose this addition of graphics to the work has elements of graffiti in it. I like the idea of adding to an existing surface and making sure what is added grabs as much attention if not more than the surface it is painted on.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Making fabric a solid object post 73*

For my next wall hanging I intend on creating a surface to collage onto by stiffening a piece of fabric to a point where it is self supporting. I have done some research and have decided upon fibreglass resin as the hardening medium, as I really don't think PVA or any other water based mediums will give the tensile strength needed to keep the fabric rigid.

Once I have hardened the fabric, I will apply thousands of hand shredded strips (using my hand shredder found in a Charity shop for 99p) Full of imagery relating to my Romani anscestory. The imagery will be a construction rich with visuals sourced from books, featuring both factual and fictional elements to Romani history.

Patchwork and wall hangings Post 72*

I have been looking at a lot of work at the moment, trying to find work and techniques that I find interesting (see below and previous post for examples)Moving forward I really want to make more wall hangings, firstly because I found the experience of both constructing and exhibiting Shoot (See Below) earlier in the year in Hoxton very fulfilling. I like the development of a surface and the intricacies that can be constructed with such basic materials- fabric, paper, glue.

I like having this paper and fabric as a starting point or medium seems really natural to me, and most of my favourite work has been made in this intuitive fashion. The work reveals itself through the process of creating shape and texture on a surface.

Erin Wilson
chaos #5, 63″ x 63″, 2005