Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Patchwork and wall hangings Post 72*

I have been looking at a lot of work at the moment, trying to find work and techniques that I find interesting (see below and previous post for examples)Moving forward I really want to make more wall hangings, firstly because I found the experience of both constructing and exhibiting Shoot (See Below) earlier in the year in Hoxton very fulfilling. I like the development of a surface and the intricacies that can be constructed with such basic materials- fabric, paper, glue.

I like having this paper and fabric as a starting point or medium seems really natural to me, and most of my favourite work has been made in this intuitive fashion. The work reveals itself through the process of creating shape and texture on a surface.

Erin Wilson
chaos #5, 63″ x 63″, 2005

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