Thursday, 18 August 2011

Romani pattern design for new work Post 74*

I have been thinking more about the new piece of work I want to make (see previous posts for more info), and have been designing motifs and drawings to add to the surface of the fabric / paper sculpture.

I want the motifs to be simple, line paintings in a lucid colour - maybe pink or orange. The motifs will use imagery from Romani culture - Cart wheels, horse shoes, plants, cast iron kettles. I want the motifs to accompany the naturalistic colours and imagery I will be creating the collage from, but to also add a striking contrast and depth to the work - In another sense I suppose this addition of graphics to the work has elements of graffiti in it. I like the idea of adding to an existing surface and making sure what is added grabs as much attention if not more than the surface it is painted on.

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