Monday, 16 May 2011

The Peoples Tote. Post 61*

Another new Graphic Linoleum Print! Post 60*

Lino Prints Post 59*

Here are a couple of little lino prints I put together recently... ironic I suppose putting up a print about how dull white is on such a clinical looking blog. Enjoy them anyway!

Thursday, 12 May 2011

CocaCola OOO. Post 58*

Acrylic on Plywood

OOO is a piece of work I have only just got around to documenting. I am suprised how it still feels quite fresh for me, despite being painted last year.

I think this removal of any structured message is interesting, instead of promoting or advertising itself, it is cut down to a lonely vowel. I am definately going to bring this idea of my regurgitation and iconography to my next The Community is a Collage workshop in Holloway on the 4th!

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Joe Orton and Kenneth Halliwell Post 57*


I began editing the interview recordings made on the 7th last night, so to keep things fresh and exciting I thought I would post about my plans for the second micro-project!

For Saturday 4th June I am planning to have a day of book collage and editing, all inspired by the legendary Islington inhabitants Joe Orton and Kenneth Halliwell.

Orton and Halliwells guerrilla book altering project targeted middle class library goers. Their collaboration led them to deface book sleeves and pages, and to subvert and satirise the content of the publications they stole and returned to library shelves.

Throughout the 4th June I want to take this spirit of Orton and Halliwell and build Holloway a catalogue of alternative, and reinvented publications, to be shown throughout June at the Old Fire station. 
The project will aim to develop a slightly tongue-in-cheek intervention into the literature I collect from gumtree joblots and cheap little charity shops.

Monday, 9 May 2011

The Community is a Collage Post 56*

Islington Exhibits
Artist in Residence

Throughout the next three months I am developing three community engaged micro projects in collaboration with you the residents and visitors of Holloway.

The first instalment of these projects will begin on Saturday 7th May at the Old Fire Station Holloway. Throughout the day I will be finding interested parties who have a story to tell to participate in this exciting spoken word art project to have an informal interview.

The interviews that take place will be taped, as a record of the conversations we have. The resulting recordings will be edited together to construct a communal commentary on Holloway.

The work will be exhibited within The Old Fire Station during July this year.

Further details for the private view party will be posted here:
So I began my residency last Saturday, starting with the first part of 3 public projects. The day went really great as I didn't really know the kind of turnout I would get before Saturday 7th. 

From just this one day I met and (very casually) interviewed a real plethora of interesting and very diverse people; from artists, whole families and friends to musicians and writers.

I am really getting a sense of how I can place these recordings together, and I am finding the more input I get back form the public encounters the more momentum my ideas develop.

From meeting one uke playing lady Kim, I am now looking into supporting sounds and textures to collage into the sound work, which hope will heighten the listeners envelopment into the work. I have already been asked for a couple of copies of the finished sound article, so am thinking of making up maybe 50 one off printed jackets for some CD-R's.