Monday, 23 April 2012

Wall covering design mock-ups 86*

Here are some new sculptural wall pieces I have been working on, developing wall coverings using recycled sheet ply, and tree trunks cut into sections.

Friday, 20 April 2012

Holographic pool work Post 85*

I have had an idea bubbling for a while now relating to the use of holograms, and the application of them in my work.

I am really interested in the filmic quality of this material, but am still in the middle of developing it, but I liked the colour in the image so thought I'd post it to get the work going.

The work I intend to make is potentially going to be an idea I want to call pool. Using lintographs I want to build up a surface of holograms that will react and move as the audience walks towards or past the work, creating small abstract movement and ripples to mimic those seen as you walk past a pond or puddle.

Lintograph / Plywood.

TV switchover imagery. Post 84*

I decided a few weeks back to take images of my analog tv, while breaking up the tv signal by experimenting with moving the aerial in different locations. The result was something I've seen before, but I liked the images I saw so much I thought I really needed to share them on here.

Athletic's TV crackle

New mountain painting Post 83*

Here's a new piece of work I have just finished, working on a handmade MDF / flexiply circular box construction.

Emulsion / Montana / Acrylic / Wood effect vinyl

Ilusion experiment Post 82*

2x1 Timber / Wood effect vinyl / MDF

ISM suffix Post 81*

I sometimes get slightly worn out using so many ism's when in conversation about art history and movements, so in response to this I have made some new ideas for some new "artisms" to add the the mountain of other uses of the suffix.

I've also posted a downloadable A4 poster, which you can customise with your own take on ism's. Just click the bottom image to go and download your poster.

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