Sunday, 25 July 2010


Books & Collage.

When I first started making collaged artwork, I bought second hand books and collected magazine images and text I thought had potential. 

The images and text had this exciting potential to construct situations and structures that would otherwise never happen; Introducing Nuclear explosions to photos of glamorous models, and splicing cavemen into 80's sputnik-esque scenes. 

My early collaged pieces have always felt quite seperate to that of my more recent work, but the adaptation of the concept of collage has made me aware that my practice always returns to the layering of objects, ideas and images, and are borrowed from a limitless variety of sources.

I like being freed when it comes to justifying why I make what I make, although I know it is important to understand why I'm making artwork, I think it is equally important not to tie your ideas to a theoretical lead weight.

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